On this page, you can find all the public documents related to the MINIMA project. Documents will be published after they have been approved by SESAR Joint Undertaking. In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Review and Concept Development

D1.1 – State of the Art Report

This document presents a description of the state of the art of operation concepts for monitoring high level automation tasks, task distribution including artificial tasks, attention guidance support and attention measurement using Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI).

D1.2 – Concept Description

This document describes the concept behind the MINIMA project. It includes five key aspects. First, the highly automated TMA used as an example for a monitoring task in ATM and the assumptions made about automation. Second, vigilance measurement of the human operator through a BCI. Third, identified real tasks and defined artificial tasks that can be assigned to the human operator to increase his engagement in the monitoring tasks. Fourth, attention guidance support, which may dynamically highlight certain aspects in the task environment. Finally, the concept for dynamic task distribution of real and artificial tasks based on the measured vigilance level.



D3.1 – Evaluation Plan

This document represents the experimental protocol for Evaluation Study (T3) which was conducted later in November 2017. It contains the objectives of the evaluation study, the evaluation procedure, the measurements to be used and the scenario requirements.

D3.2 – Evaluation Results

This document describes the Evaluation Study’s (T3) conduction and its results. It includes a recapitulation of the Evaluation Plan (D3.1), along with reports and justifications of deviations from the latter. The actual results reported in this deliverable include those of the analyses regarding differences between a baseline scenario and a scenario in which the Vigilance and Attention Controller (D2.1) was used. Comparisons between both scenarios include impact on vigilance (EEG), monitoring behaviour (Eye-Tracking) and performance (separation losses).



D5.1 – Project Management Plan

This PMP documents the project management structure according to ER Project management guidelines and consortium agreement. It refines the project concept and the internal project infrastructure. Infrastructure also included distribution of work among partners, and resources in terms of personnel months.

D5.2 – Final Project Results Report

This document serves as a general overview of the MINIMA project in total and therefore serves as a starting point for interested stakeholders. It summarises the work carried out in each of the WP from May 1st 2016 to April 30th 2018. An overview of the project is given, including the topics as documented in this document’s table of contents.