Deliverable 3.1 – Evaluation Plan

The Evaluation Plan (D3.1) was completed on November 9th, 2017. The full document can also be found in the documents section.

This deliverable describes the evaluation plan for the planned human-in-the-loop study. In order to evaluate the performance differences between the MINIMA Solution and Baseline scenario, participants, procedures, sequence of events, material, and dependent variables are outlined. More concrete the experimental design of the crucial activities of Validation of the MINIMA prototype is described: the experiments aim to evaluate the possibility of measuring online the actual vigilance and attentive level of the Air Traffic Controller by measuring his/her brain activity and ocular movements, and to use such neurometrics to trigger Adaptive Automation solutions implemented in the highly automated Terminal Manoeuvring Area they are facing. The expected outcome is that such prototype will be able to keep the Air Traffic Controllers performance on a high level and to ensure safe operations. The results will be presented and discussed in the Evaluation Results (D3.2).