Deliverable 1.2 – Concept Description

The Concept Description (D1.2) was completed on February 17th. The full document can also be found in the documents section.

Based on the State of the Art Report (D1.1) which analysed the out-of-the-loop phenomenon, related problems, how to detect them and how to mitigate them, this document describes the MINIMA concept. It gives details about the highly automated Terminal Manoeuvring Area selected as case study and about the route structure and procedures defined for this environment. Additionally, it describes the adaptation mechanisms that are planned to be implemented into this task environment and analysed in the MINIMA project. Additionally, the document provides information about the technical implementation of the vigilance and attention measurement that will be used to trigger adaptation of the task environment. Specifically, details about the measurement and processing of data are given.

This document will be a guideline for the development of the task environment and the Vigilance and Attention Controller (D2.1) during work package 2 and will also be an input for the planning of the evaluation in work package 3.