2nd MINIMA Newsletter

31. August 2017 Jan Kraemer 0

We are happy to announce the release of the 2nd MINIMA Newsletter. In the newsletter, we summarise the work and progress within the second period of MINIMA. Specifically, we report the successful Mid Term Review at SJU in Brussels and our submission of the State of the Art report in which we documented the MINIMA concept in detail. Furthermore, we report our first technical integration meeting which was held in Forlì on May 30th. Finally, two dissemination activities are reported, namely our participation in the public workshop “SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research: Human Factors supporting Automation in ATM” held at the World ATM Congress (WAC) in Madrid from 7 to 9 March 2017 and the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction which was held in Vancouver from 9 to 14 July 2017.

MINIMA’s next Milestone: Successful Annual Review Meeting in Brussels

30. March 2017 Jan Kraemer 0

On March 21 2017, the MINIMA project team met with SESAR Joint Undertaking in Brussels to present the project’s progress so far and its upcoming and future steps. During the meeting, the progress achieved in the different work packages was presented by the team members, resulting in fruitful discussions and a great exchange of ideas and annotations among all participants. We are happy to report that SESAR JU approved and were content with MINIMA’s progress. The next big step is the technical integration meeting in Forli, Italy, which is scheduled to be held around the end of May this year.

MINIMA at the World ATM Congress in Madrid

30. March 2017 Jan Kraemer 0

The MINIMA project was presented to a public audience during the public workshop “SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research: Human Factors supporting Automation in ATM” held at the World ATM Congress (WAC) in Madrid from 7 to 9 March 2017. The WAC is organized by SESAR JU, EUROCONTROL, CANSO and ATCA and provides an excellent international platform for different ATM stakeholders with world-class conferences, workshops and a large-scale exhibition. The workshop was on opportunity for different SESAR Exploratory Research Projects on human factors in highly automated ATC environments to present themselves. Andreas Hasselberg introduced the MINIMA project to the audience and gave a detailed presentation about the MINIMA concept, its progress so far and further planning. MINIMA was presented along with the following projects: AGENT  – Adaptive Self-Governed aerial ecosystem by negotiated traffic MOTO   – The embodied reMOte TOwer PACAS  – Participatory Architectural Change MAnagement in ATM Systems RETINA – Resilient Synthetic Vision for Advanced Control Tower Air Navigation Service Provision STRESS – Human performance neurometrics Toolbox for highly automated systems design TaCo   – Take Control We would like to thank the AUTOPACE team for doing a great job on organizing the workshop. It was a great opportunity to communicate with the other project teams and further elaborate our communalities in the spirit of cooperation. We are looking forward to meeting all of you again very soon.

MINIMA Newsletter No 1

5. December 2016 Andreas Hasselberg 0

The first newsletter of the MINIMA Project is available. It summarizes the work and progress within the first six month of MINIMA. Specifically it reports, about the Kick-Off Meeting, the State of the Art Review and the concept development. Important events for the MINIMA Projects were the poster presentation of first results at the SESAR Innovation Days and the 1st MINIMA Advisory Board meeting.

1st MINIMA Advisory Board Meeting

11. November 2016 Andreas Hasselberg 0

The first meeting of the MINIMA ADVISORY BOARD has taken place at the Aerospace Engineering Faculty of TU Delft on November 10th. A group of research experts and stakeholders has been presented with the main objectives of the project and with its first achievements. The Advisory Board has been planned in order to collect precious observations with regard these aspects. Both a silent and a loud brainstorming have been performed. Risks and potentials of the project have been highlighted and discussed with the consortium members by the participants in a really proactive session. The next ADVISORY BOARD will be held next year in order to verify that the development phase will be meeting the objectives in the best possible way. The MINIMA Consortium Team is really grateful to the participants of the meeting.

State of the Art Review

13. September 2016 Andreas Hasselberg 0

The state-of-the-art review was completed on August, 31. In this document, we carefully defined the concept of OOTL and reviewed the different works associated. We also investigated current solutions proposed to mitigate its effect. Finally, we proposed a review of the different markers associated to vigilance decrement, one of the main illustration of the OOTL phenomenon. We particularly focused on biological markers as basement for future development of our vigilance/attentional observer. Documents regarded ethical requirements have also been completed and a final version of our Project Management Plan was delivered.

Kick-off Meeting

4. May 2016 Andreas Hasselberg 0

On May 2nd and May 3rd, all project partners met at the DLR site in Braunschweig (SJU via WebEx) for the MINIMA Kick-off Meeting to discuss initial project activities.